Alışveriş Sepetim

Refund and Exchange

1. Can I return the product I received?
The right to withdraw from distant contracts regarding the “transportation of daily consumption items such as food and beverage to the consumer's home or workplace” within the framework of the regular deliveries of the seller, in accordance with the subparagraph (ğ) of Article 2 of the “Regulation on Distance Contracts” published in the Official Gazette dated 27.11.2014 and numbered 29188.
The products we produce with our own brand are produced with high quality standards and delivered to you with the principles of traceability without breaking the cold chain.
In addition, all other products sold in Gourmetpork are stored under suitable storage conditions and delivered to you with traceability principles without breaking the cold chain.
If you have a complaint about the products you have received, we ask you to submit your complaint to our Gourmetpork Customer Service line on 0545 357 71 05 or send an e-mail from the 'Contact Us' section of our site within 7 days from the date of delivery.
2. What are the things to do and pay attention to product return?
General return conditions regarding the product you receive are as follows;
You must submit your return request within 7 days of the delivery of your products and before the expiration date of your product.
You must submit the original invoice with the product you want to return.
Returns must be made in absolute condition with the original box / plate or packaging / label.
It is not accepted to return products whose expiration date has expired and the product feature is impaired.
3. When will the refund of the product I return be made?
After the return process is confirmed by Gourmetpork; Refunds of orders for which payments are made with 'Credit Card' are made to the credit card. The reflection of your payment on your card may differ depending on the processing time of the banks. Depending on your bank, the amount you pay within 10 working days maximum will be refunded to your card. This process is completely dependent on your bank and Gourmetpork has no right to intervene in your bank.