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Pork Belly and More...

Are You Ready For Barbeque Party? Desirable Tastes For You And For Your Guests Are Here...

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Marinated with herbs, cooked with Sous Vide Method.Frozen product.1 piece of pork chop is appx 250-300 gr...
69.90 TL
Ex Tax:64.72 TL
Meatloaf is stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon and vegetables...
72.90 TL
Ex Tax:67.50 TL
Weisswurst Description..
76.90 TL
Ex Tax:71.20 TL
Village Sausages Description..
76.90 TL
Ex Tax:71.20 TL
Pork Leek Sausages Description..
76.90 TL
Ex Tax:71.20 TL
Vacuum packaged frozen Baby Back Ribs are imported from Europe...
175.00 TL
Ex Tax:162.04 TL
Fumelenmis Çizgi Domuz Pastirmasi Description..
64.90 TL
Ex Tax:60.09 TL
Frankfurter Description..
76.90 TL
Ex Tax:71.20 TL
Cumberland Sausage is flavored with fresh herbs and spices. Originally ring shape.Vacuum packaged and 200 gr...
40.90 TL
Ex Tax:37.87 TL
Vacuum packaged sliced and frozen pork belly. 1000 Gr...
240.00 TL
Ex Tax:222.22 TL
Fumelenmis Domuz Pastirmasi Description..
59.90 TL
Ex Tax:55.46 TL
Domuz Jambon Description..
66.90 TL
Ex Tax:61.94 TL
Vacuum packaged 600 Gr. Pork Belly...
150.00 TL
Ex Tax:138.89 TL
Domuz Pastirmasi Description..
131.90 TL
Ex Tax:122.13 TL
Pork Fillet
Out Of Stock
Vacuum packaged Pork Fillet is imported from Europe...
140.00 TL
Ex Tax:129.63 TL

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