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Baby Loin Ribs with BBQ Sauce
New Out Of Stock
Special BBQ sauced Baby Loin Ribs are imported from Europe. Vacuum packaged and frozen...
115.90 TL
Ex Tax:107.31 TL
Baby Ribs
Vacuum packaged frozen Baby Back Ribs are imported from Europe...
139.90 TL
Ex Tax:129.54 TL
Back Bacon
Domuz Pastirmasi Description..
99.90 TL
Ex Tax:92.50 TL
Beer Salami
Coarsely ground pork with a touch of original beer salami spices.One package is 150 gr and sliced...
48.90 TL
Ex Tax:45.28 TL
Black Pudding
Black pudding, also known as blood pudding, is a distinct regional type of blood sausage originating in the United Kingdom and Ireland...
88.90 TL
Ex Tax:82.31 TL
Bratwurst Sausage
New Out Of Stock
Bratwurst sausage is produced with a touch of original German spices. 1 package is 300 gr and 2 sausage...
53.90 TL
Ex Tax:49.91 TL
Butcher Sausage
Butcher Sausage is flavored with fresh spices and herbs.Vacuum packed. 1 package is 350 gr. 2 pieces of sausage. ..
53.90 TL
Ex Tax:49.91 TL
Cumberland Sausage
Cumberland Sausage is flavored with fresh herbs and spices. Originally ring shape.Vacuum packaged and 200 gr...
28.90 TL
Ex Tax:26.76 TL
Currywurst Sausage
Currywurst sausage is flavoured with original curry and other spices.300 gr vacuum package has 2 pieces of sausage...
53.90 TL
Ex Tax:49.91 TL
Domuz Belly Sliced
Vacuum packaged sliced and frozen pork belly. 1000 Gr...
199.90 TL
Ex Tax:185.09 TL
Domuz Jambon
Domuz Jambon Description..
39.90 TL
Ex Tax:36.94 TL
Domuz Joint
Domuz Joint Description..
175.90 TL
Ex Tax:162.87 TL
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